Barley’s Brewing Process

STEP 1 Start with the freshest ingredients.

STEP 2 The Grain is placed in the Silo for storage.

STEP 3 The Grist Mill cracks the grain to expose the starch.

STEP 4 The Mash Tun converts the starch to fermentable sugars.

STEP 5 In the Brew Kettle hops are added to the sweet liquid “Wort” and brought to a boil.

STEP 6 The Whirlpool separates the hops from the wort.

STEP 7 The Heat Exchanger cools down the hot wort to the proper fermentation temperature.

STEP 8 Yeast and Wort are poured into the Fermentation Tank for fermentation.

STEP 9 Beer is transferred to a Lagering Tank for proper aging.

STEP 10 Beer is then filtered for clarification.

STEP 11 The finished beer is then placed in a temperature controlled serving tank until served.

Hand Crafted Brews

12 oz Short Draft           3.25
20 oz Tall Draft              4.25
32 oz X-Large Draft       5.00

Barley's Blue Diamond Beer logo

Blue Diamond Beer
A classic German Helles style lager, Blue Diamond is light in color yet full of flavor. Lightly hopped, Blue Diamond has a robust, malty character you’ll enjoy again and again!
5% abv

Barley's Black Mountain Beer logo

Black Mountain Beer
Inspired by a long Bavarian tradition, Black Mountain is an unfiltered dark lager. Medium bodied, Black Mountain’s taste is a careful blend of dark and caramel malts. Imparting a slightly-roasted finish, Black Mountain is a beer for hearty appetites.
5% abv

Barley's Red Rock Lager logo

Red Rock Lager
The original Oktoberfest lager. This full-bodied beer was brewed during the summer with additional hops added in the brewing process to serve as a preservative. The Munich malt gives Red Rock an amber color and a taste you’ll love!
6% abv

Barley's Hefeweizen Beer logo

Boulder Gold Hefeweizen
An unfiltered wheat ale. A special Bavarian yeast strain gives this ale notes of banana, clove, and bubblegum. There is no need to add a lemon. This refreshing brew is packed with flavor and aroma that will keep you wanting more.
5% abv

Barley's Seasonal Beer logo

Barley’s Casino Seasonal Beer
Ask your server about our great tasting Seasonal Brew.

Barley's BrewMaster Special Beer logo

Brewmaster’s Special
Ask your server about our great tasting Brewmaster’s Special.