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Barley’s Brewing Process

STEP 1 Start with the freshest ingredients.

STEP 2 The Grain is placed in the Silo for storage.

STEP 3 The Grist Mill cracks the grain to expose the starch.

STEP 4 The Mash Tun converts the starch to fermentable sugars.

STEP 5 In the Brew Kettle hops are added to the sweet liquid “Wort” and brought to a boil.

STEP 6 The Whirlpool separates the hops from the wort.

STEP 7 The Heat Exchanger cools down the hot wort to the proper fermentation temperature.

STEP 8 Yeast and Wort are poured into the Fermentation Tank for fermentation.

STEP 9 Beer is transferred to a Lagering Tank for proper aging.

STEP 10 Beer is then filtered for clarification.

STEP 11 The finished beer is then placed in a temperature controlled serving tank until served.

Hand Crafted Brews

16 oz . . . . . 4.25
32 oz . . . . . 5.50

Barley's Blue Diamond Beer logo

Blue Diamond Beer
Taking cues from the Pilsner style, this beer is made to be easy to drink, clean, crisp and refreshing. Light-bodied with subtly hop character. Simplicity at its finest.
5% abv

Honey Blonde Beer Logo

Honey Blonde Ale
Much stronger than your average blonde, this beer really is a
bombshell, light, sweet and powerful. This beer packs a punch.
7% abv

Red Rock Beer logo

Red Rock Lager
Medium bodied and light on the hops. Red Rock is perfect with
a meal or all on its own. Bready, malty, toasty and delicious.
5.3% abv

High Hops Beer Logo

HIgh Hops
100% organic, 100% American grown and malted barley with 100% tried-and-true American hops from Yakima Valley. This is a handcrafted, American IPA, showcasing its dry hopped, aromatic and citrus glory.
5.4% abv

Hefeweizen Beer Logo

Boulder Gold Hefeweizen
Fruity, banana and clove aroma with a subtle hint of peppercorn. Akin to a traditional Bavarian Hefeweizen, this is straight to the point with refreshing drinkability.
5.4% abv

Black Knight Beer Logo

Black Knight
Dark, roasty, smooth and robust. This stout is packed with flavors of coffee, dark chocolate and a toastiness that’ll satisfy.
4.2% abv

Barley's Seasonal Beer logo

Barley’s Casino Seasonal Beer
Ask your server about our great tasting Seasonal Brew.

Beer Flight

Starting at $ 4.75